Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making a bad day good

Most days I hurt so bad I want to curl in to a ball and do you conquer this feeling?  You pick yourself up by a smile sent your way, a hug from a little one, the kiss of a spouse, hearing "I love you".....there are so many treasures in our every day life that we tend to overlook when we are in pain.  I am learning to focus on the good and let the pain recede...I cannot and will not let it rule me or determine who I am.  I smile every day and people always think I am fine-but it is a mask to hide the pain.  I refuse to cry..that is not how I want to spend my life nor how I want people to see me.  My journey has been hard but I am turning a new corner in my determination to make this invisible illness a thing of the past-and I cannot do that if all I do is feel sorry for myself or question why me?
PS When you look at that smile how can you not feel good?

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Judy said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! Your daughter is so cute, and I'm glad you finished your hug quilt!

Judy (