Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Rainy Day

Sigh.....these rainy days make my head hurt really really bad.  Something about the barometric pressure changes really messes with the pressure levels in my head :-( 
However, on a positive note I jumped in on another row robin and put together the five angel blocks that Daylily sent to Izzy so she would have angels watching over her.  They will be going in the mail on Monday for other ladies to add some hugs and love for Izzy's quilt.
I also have almost all of my postage stamps cut for the swap I am in for about cutting it close (no pun intended lol)
I will be working on some Boomerang blocks this weekend and also trying to go through some fabrics and really try to get organized...need some calm in the chaos lol
PS Here are a couple more pictures of Izabella-gosh I love her!

My glamour queen lol She was working in the woodshop helping daddy-hence the safty glasses and boots :-)

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